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I am a private Physiotherapist practising in Glasgow and I am available for appointments either at my clinic in Cardonald or at Hampden Sports Clinic which has the added benefit of a hydrotherapy pool and large gym. To book an appointment please contact me on 07906250032  or phone 01416166161 and ask to see me at hampden.

I am a Physiotherapist who strongly believes that patients attending for Physiotherapy should take responsibility for their own health, and my aim is to help in assisting them in achieving their maximum potential following injury or surgery.

I have close links with numerous physiotherapy clinics out-with the Glasgow area and will happily recommend another physiotherapist if it is more suitable from a clinical or location perspective.


Career and Experience

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in Glasgow in 1985 and completed a post graduate MSc in Applied Biomechanics at Strathclyde University, Glasgow in 2005.  I am presently a visiting  physiotherapy lecturer at GCU in Glasgow and I also work very closely with many of the orthopaedic specialists at Rosshall Hospital and Nuffield hospital Glasgow. 

I spent 27 years working in the NHS as a Physiotherapist gaining experience in a variety of clinical areas including Orthopaedics, A & E and Paediatrics, before retiring from the NHS to concentrate on looking after my four lovely children.  As well as working in the hospitals, I have worked extensively in sport with the SFA, SRU and the Professional Jockeys Association.

Throughout the years I have written numerous Physiotherapy post-op exercise protocols with  orthopaedic consultants based in Glasgow. Many patients will follow these protocols after surgery at Rosshall Hospital and the Nuffield Hospital Glasgow.  These protocols include knee replacement, hip impingement and anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction.  I have also written Physio ex programmes following common injuries of the knee, hip, ankle, also for patients with kneecap pain and acute back pain. I have a particular interest in the Physiotherapy management of patients following facial palsy (bells palsy).    



Contact Details

Frank Gilroy Physiotherapy South                                                                   Frank Gilroy at Hampden Sports Clinic    

26 Tweedsmuir Road,                                                                                          Hampden Park

Cardonald,                                                                                                            Letherby Drive,

Glasgow                                                                                                                Glasgow

G52 2RX                                                                                                               G42 9BA


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- use the enquiry form below                                                                                - phone me on 07906 250 032

- phone me on  07906 250 032                                                                            - contact Hampden Sports Clinic on 

                                                                                                                               0141 616 6161 and ask for Frank Gilroy