Patient resources

A patient guide to calf injury rehabilitation

  A Physiotherapy guide to calf injury rehabilitation.designed by Frank Gilroy Physiotherapist.This guide should be used under the supervision of a chartered Physiotherapist or Doctor and can be downloaded from the website .  
27th Nov 2013

Self treatment leaflet for ankle sprains

This is a physiotherapy self treatment leaflet for acute ankle sprains which is able to be used by patients after an ankle injury throughout Scotland. 
25th Nov 2012

Shock wave therapy for heel pain

New treatment available for chronic heel pain
22nd Jan 2012

Ankle Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) involves the use of fibre optic cameras and very small surgical tools to examine and operate on the ankle.
11th Jan 2009

Ankle replacement surgery

Ankle replacement is now a viable option for many patients who have ankle arthritis and this surgery is now available in Glasgow.
11th Jan 2009