Patient resources

ACL exercise programme

Post op ACL exercises updated from original exercise programme developed in 2017 and written in conjunction with Glasgow sports surgery service.
1st Nov 2018

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Programme

Physiotherapy exercises and advice for patients following knee replacement either Nuffield hospital Rosshall hospital or the Spire in Edinburgh. 
29th Jan 2018

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Rehabilitation Protocol

A guide for patient rehabilitation to patellofemoral pain. Keywords: anterior knee pain, knee cap pain, knee grinding, knee clicking, knee injury, knee exercises, knee rehab      
4th Dec 2017

FIFA The 11 and 11+ Injury Prevention Programme

Injury prevention programme designed by FIFA which is used by Physiotherapists across the world. No one wants to attend for Physiotherapy after injury and this programme in patient resources helps to reduce injury risk.  .
4th Dec 2017

A Patient Guide to Quadriceps Strengthening

A physiotherapy guide to quadriceps strengthening which aids patients in recovery from knee surgery or injury.
12th Jan 2016

Self treatment of knee injuries

A self treatment Physiotherapy programme for knee injuries. "In the early stages after injuring your knee you may have some pain and swelling.  This is to be expected and will improve with rest, application of ice and gentle exercise." F
11th Jan 2012

Meniscal Injuries

The meniscus is the medical term for the tissue commonly known as cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between surfaces of the tibia and femur bones in the leg.
11th Jan 2009