Patient resources

AC joint rehabilitation protocol

Mr Andrew Brooksbank the shoulder orthopaedic specialist from Rosshall hospital approved guidelines for acromioclavicular joint rehabilitation
8th Feb 2018

Posterior capsular stretch

Video of posterior capsular stretch
19th Sep 2012

Pendular exercises

Pendular exercises are usually carried out in the early after shoulder surgery. They can also be a good way of keeping a painful shoulder moving.
16th Nov 2010

Self treatment of acute shoulder injuries

A self treatment programme for the treatment of acute shoulder injuries written by Andy Brooksbank and Frank Gilroy.
5th Aug 2009

Impingement of the shoulder

Impingement is a common cause of a painful shoulder, it has also been referred to as tendonitis or bursitis of the shoulder.
22nd Jan 2009

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is characterised by severe pain and loss of shoulder movement. This article examines the symptoms, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation of a frozen shoulder.
21st Dec 2008