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Hip Pain/Injury & Surgery

To make an appointment for a Physiotherapy opinion on your hip please contact me on 07906250032

Physiotherapy and hip/groin injuries

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint. Acute injuries can affect either the bones and/or the soft tissues around the hip joint and most commonly are muscle or ligament injuries. Occasionally physiotherapy patients do present with fractures and muscle avulsions.

There are various reasons why patients present with chronic hip/groin pain and their symptoms are often long standing. Causes of chronic groin pain are generally clinical conditions such muscle strains including sports hernia but can also include pubic bone inflammation, hip joint arthritis, hip impingement and shallow sockets (hip dysplasia). There have been major developments in the diagnosis and treatment of hip disorders over the past decade. Hip impingement for instance has been identified and treatment for this problem has revolutionised the hip as a subspecialty. Hip arthroscopic techniques continue to improve in line with advances in instrumentation. The successful diagnosis and treatment of shallow sockets (hip dysplasia) have improved results for patients and enabled them to lead a near normal life.

It is important to remember that most hip/groin injuries start as muscle or ligament injuries and are best treated effectively in the acute stage. Mr Patil is the specialist who looks after younger patients with hip injuries in Glasgow and I assist him by providing Physiotherapy exercise protocols.

I see many patients referred from Rosshall and Nuffield hospital either trying to avoid surgery or post operation for hip impingement or hip replacement.