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Knee Pain/Injury & Surgery

As a Physiotherapist I see many patients with knee injuries in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. The most common knee injuries are anterior knee pain (knee cap pain), meniscal injuries and ligament injuries which include those involving the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL).

​I have a particular interest in patients who have had joint injuries or lesions in their joint surfaces at a young age (osteochrondral knee injuries).

Additionally, I also see many patients before and after they have had a knee replacement. 

The knee is a mobile joint, leaving it vulnerable to injury. Unfortunately, the knee is also prone to wear and tear, especially if there has been a previous injury within the joint.

It is very common for a Physiotherapist to see patients with knee joint and patellofemoral injury or pain. Physiotherapy can help these patients by improving joint range of movement and increasing muscle strength in the large muscles surrounding the knee.

Physiotherapy exercises often help to improve joint stability and protect the knee from further damage. It is crucial to continue with regular strengthening exercises to prevent further recurrence of injury.

Physiotherapy helps patients to regain as normal function as possible post knee surgery and there are comprehensive Physiotherapy rehabilitation programmes available on this site which have been developed in Glasgow over the last few years.