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Appointments & Questions

How do I get a physiotherapy appointment for a back or neck assessment?

To arrange an appointment contact Frank Gilroy directly on 07906 250 032


What happens at a back pain consultation?

Your back injury physiotherapy appointment will be typically 30 to 45 minutes for a new referral. During that time I will carry out a thorough clinical assessment and ensure you receive advice, education and management strategies. I encourage patients to take responsibility for their own health and will often include physiotherapy pool and gym exercises within their rehabilitation programme.

Will I need further investigation?

Should you need further investigation I will refer you back to your GP or Consultant for their opinion as this is a medical decision.

When can I return to work or sport?

My aim is to return patients back to their work and sport as soon as possible. The length of time depends on the injury and the treatment required. Additionally, the demands of work or the particular sport, the healing time of injury and rate of progress through rehabilitation goals are all factors in the return to activity. It is very important that you take responsibility for completing your physiotherapy exercises.

What do I need to tell my insurance company?

As a Physiotherapist I am recognised by the major insurance companies to provide Physiotherapy in Glasgow but it is wise to contact them before any consultation. You will need to get authorisation from your insurer before attending for Physiotherapy and also inform them as to which of my clinics you will be attending.