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Slumping Sid Story (For Children With Postural Back Pain)

Slumping Sid was sitting on the couch watching his favourite DVD.

Suddenly he screamed out, “My back is sore!”

His mother heard Sid scream and came running into the TV room.
“Sid!”, she shouted. “What is wrong with you?”
“My back is sore” replied Sid.
“What were you doing?” asked mum.”
Nothing, I was just sitting watching the telly” said Sid.

The next morning Sid woke up and his back was still sore, especially when he was eating his breakfast, then when he was washing his face and brushing his teeth.

Mum said, “I am going to take you to see the doctor this morning on your way to school.”

Slumping Sid collected all his school books and lunch box in his school bag which he put over his right shoulder and they walked down to see Dr. Reece.

As they reach the doctor’s door Sid’s back was getting worse. He was happy to put his heavy bag down in the surgery.

Mum and Sid went in to see the doctor who then asked Sid to
bend forward, back and then down to each side.

After Dr. Reece had finished writing in his pad, he smiled and said,
“Sid, I know what you need to do! I would like you to walk to school this morning with your mum instead of taking the car, and I would like your mum to carry your heavy bag for you.”

Mum was very pleased to see that Sid did not have such a sore back. However, mum’s back was now becoming painful from carrying Sid’s heavy bag.

When they arrived at school they explained what happened to Sid’s teacher, Mrs Parker. At that moment Dr. Reece arrived at the school and was met by Mrs Georgie, the Headmistress.

After morning break Mrs Georgie and Dr. Reece came into Sid’s class and saw all the children sitting slouched in their chairs.

Dr. Reece talked to the class about the importance of sitting up straight when in school, when watching TV and while playing on their computers and phones.

Dr. Reece also explained why it was very important to wear a bag over two shoulders and not over just one shoulder.

He also told the children how important it is for the children to walk to school and to exercise whenever possible.

After school Sid went home to tell his mum about the visit from Dr. Reece.

He explained that since he had stopped slouching and carrying the heavy bag over his shoulder he no longer had backache.

From that day on Sid and his mum never again slumped in front of the TV and always sat up STRAIGHT when eating their dinner.

Whenever they could they walked instead of taking the car. Sid never again had back pain and neither did his mum.


Slumping Sid was written in 2003 by Amy aged 12, Erin aged 10, Katy aged 8 and Andrew aged 5 and the pictures drawn by their cousin Max aged 17.

The book is dedicated in loving memory to Kathleen Gilroy the mother of the 4 children and godmother to Max.

All proceeds from the sale of Slumping Sid will be donated directly to the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice to help with the move to Bellahouston Park.

To donate to the hospice appeal please visit