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Shoulder exercises

Active Assisted Exercises from

Andrew Brooksbank

These exercises are primarily used to regain range of movement in the shoulder after either injury or surgery.

Do each exercise 10 times and repeat 3 times per day.

1. Using the unaffected arm or stick gently stretch arm above the head as far as is able.

2. Stand facing the wall and try to walk your fingers up the wall as far as possible and your fingers back down the same way.

3. Keeping your elbow into the side at 90 degrees use a stick to gently stretch the arm rotating outwards.

  4. Using the unaffected arm lift as far up the back as able.


  5. Using the stick lift both arms away from the body.

  6. Using a towel use the towel to assist the affected arm up the back.               Author: Andrew Brooksbank